Living Room

Living room is a common area and should be comfortable and attractive place for gathering of family members and to receive friends and guests. Sometime it is used as reception room and dining room and special occasions. Living room should be located in the middle of the building and should be connected to a balcony (if any) and the dining area. It should be well-lighted and ventilated.

Generally, living room is the biggest room of the building so that it can be utilized for some ceremonial function in the house.

Standard size of drawing room may range from: 4.2m  X 4.80m to 5.4m X 7.2m


Bedrooms should be so located that they are well ventilated and at the same time provide privacy. Generally, they should be located on the sides of the building so that at least one wall is exposed for good ventilation and lighting.

Standard size of bedrooms may range from: 3.0m X 3.6m to 4.2m X 4.8m


The kitchen should be provided in corner of the building. It should be connected with dining room. Sink should be provided for washing and sufficient number of shelves should also be provided. Sometimes storeroom and kitchen are combined together

Standard size of kitchen rooms may range from: 2.50 X 3.9m to 3.0m X 3.6m

Size of Bathroom

Good drainage and water supply should be available for the whole house but specially in the bathroom.

Common sizes of bathroom and water closet may be: 1.2m X1.800mm to 1.8m X 2.5m

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